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The Quantum Xxroid/Scio consciousness Interface is



It is a safe, powerful, effective and drug-free Bio-feedback device which makes it possible to identify and improve a person's wellness, face to face and at a distance.

We Can

Measure the health of the body's unconscious electrical profile.
Determine current dysfunctions in energetic frequencies.
Identify and treat the stress of energetic imbalance.
Because the causes of disease/disorientation are often complex, we look to find responsible solutions to the root causes of ill-health or distress, rather than to only work at the level of symptom or pain. People who are empowered by the idea that they can begin to make a difference to the improvement of their own health and performance, are most likely to derive most benefit.
    How Does it Work ?  
The human body is made up of continuously vibrating energetic particles.
Each energetic vibrating particle, be it of tissue-type, sensation, emotion, memory or thought, has it's own electrical frequency signature.
  The Quantum Xxroid/Scio can


Detect and measure the energy level of these vibrating particles and express them in everyday units in Volts, Amps and Ohms.
Detect subtle differences between stressed and un-stressed bodily responses, which are usually (but not always) beyond a person's conscious awareness
Correct the stressed bodily responses, to achieve the best possible state of health and stress-free balance in the circumstances.
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The quantum Xxriod/Scio
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  The Oberon is

A Diagnostic and Therapeutic Bio-energetic Device

Is based on the idea that illness exists whenever there ia a "loss of information" between the rate of the build-up and break-down processes of body tissue metabolism.

Knows the healthy frequency of vibration of each body organ, cell and particle.

Provides a non-invasive way of identifying which body tissues are not vibrating as they should.

Replaces the "lost information" with the most harmonic frequencies to enable the body to restore itself to health.

Can energise carrier -substances to counteract the loss of information and encourage healing to continue.

Can invert the harmful frequency of pathogens and allergens and thereby nullify their effect.



The Scenar is

A hand held Biofeedback device placed in contact with the skin
It Measures skin impedence and so provides a measure of the body's normal level of electrical/energy activity.

It detects where unusual electrical/energetic activity disturbs the body's normal energy flow.

It reduces the stressful disturbance associated with unusual electrical/energetic activity, by amplifying or damping the underlying pathological processes, responsible for causing dis-ease.

It activates communication channels and restores "forgotten" healing mechanisms by stimulating the release of the body's own chemical messengers called neuropeptides, reducing stress, pain and discomfort.

It boosts existing electrical activity by carefully monitoring and delivering the best form of electrical energy needed to stimulate the nervous system and restore proper function through each stage of healing.

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