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Touch For Health (TFH) Kinesiology is:

Natural, safe and holistic
Touch For Health (TFH) is a Bio-energetic modality. A natural, safe, precise, preventive and holistic therapy which takes a practical approach to health and well-being.

It uses the remarkable language of muscle response monitoring to obtain feedback from the body about its optimal state of functioning - physically, emotionally, mentally, chemically and spiritually.

The typical client is usually wanting to improve some aspect of their life or functioning.

Best results are achieved with clients who understand the importance of their own involvement and willingly participate in the process of their own healing.

The may have a question, or feel as though something in their life is causing them to go out of balance.

It can be used to help everyone, from infants to the elderly and is particularly useful in enabling people to achieve the best state of balanced health.

It provides us with a means to energetically evaluate and correct minor imbalances, which if not corrected accumulate and cause the body to compensate rather than to healthily adapt.

It does not diagnose disease.

What happens?
A muscle or more usually a group of muscles is chosen to be monitored, to see how it reacts to a particular factor, (issue, ailment, idea, goal, emotion or nutrient.)

How the muscle reacts to this factor, enables us identify the extent to which it's resonant frequency might be influencing the integrity of the healthy flow of energy around the body.

Depending on the information-stream which arises as a result of the monitoring process, corrections can be selected which are designed to achieve the best outcome.

The whole person's energy system is balanced, enabling the body to heal itself and work more efficiently.

How does it work?
Touch For Health Kinesiology accepts the potential for healing implicit in the idea that the body is an electro-chemical organism, designed to react to minute changes of energy in its environment.

It draws upon modern techniques of health care and current knowledge about the body's electro-magnetic life-force, combined with ancient Eastern wisdom about the body's subtle-energy meridian networks.

IThe balancing process benefits from the healing potential of the energy arising from the energetic interactions between the client and kinesiologist.

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