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Psycological Assesment

Psychological Assessment is:

Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment is usually carried out at the request of doctors, businesses, government agencies, local authorities, sports bodies, schools, parents and individuals themselves who are concerned about, or want to improve their own ability, state of mind, rate of progress or reaction to circumstances in which they or members of their family might find themselves.

What happens?
Psychometric assessments are usually undertaken to help identify and measure peoples' ability, aptitude, talent, competency and efficiency.

They are also used to identify the relative severity of specific problem areas where special treatment or resources may be being considered.

The outcome of the assesment may result in direct intervention leading to immediate improvement, advice, advocacy, and reports, or where appropriate referral on to a different agency.

How does it work?
Many people have benefited from this particular experience, especially where there has previously been uncertainty or a lack of consensus about what needs to be done, between individuals and the providing agencies.

About Me
I have been a member of the British Psychological Society since 1987 and have extensive experience of successfully working in the public and private sectors with people who want to succeed and also with those who have been struggling with the consequences of unresolved learning and behavioural difficulties, in a wide range of situations.

I am particularly successful in treating the sometimes debilitating structure and effect of Dyslexic/Dyspraxic process.

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