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In times when so much of what we do is becoming increasingly proscribed by outside agencies, stress levels are soaring and people are becoming exhausted and demoralised by the need to meet unreasonable and frequently unnecessary targets of accountability or productivity.

These attempts to improve efficiency are strangely enough costing the country billions of pounds in lost hours, production, hospitalisation, addictive behaviours, social unrest, depression, dishonesty and pain.

Many firms don't want to make the effort to encourage people to use their imagination to generate new and exciting ways of doing things, they simply want them to do what they are told to do.

My Bio-energetic trainings are designed for individuals and organisations who are open- minded enough to appreciate the many advantages of creating physical, mental, and spiritual well-being within the workplace and in their private lives and who have the self-confidence to be prepared to think generously for the benefit of the individual and the rest of society as a whole.


Touch for Health Training
(levels 1 to 4)
An introduction to Touch for Health
Pre-course information sheets for Touch for Health levels 1 to 4
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pre-course information sheet
Touch for health level 1

Pre-course information sheet
Touch for Health
level 2

Pre-course information sheet
Touch for Health level 3

Pre-course information sheet
Touch for Health
level 4

Brain Gym for Every Child
For Early Years, Primary & Secondary
Levels of Education
An Introduction to Brain Gym

  Visually-Led Spelling &
Reading Strategy
An Introduction to the Correction of Dyslexic Processes

For those who want to make some kind of sense of what multi-sensory approaches mean in each person's case.

For all teachers who want to assign a higher priority to the education of our children.

For those who want to easily read, write and spell.

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